Benchmarks let you know where you stand so that you can improve!

Your needs

- A comprehensive overview and better insights into your market and market standards
- Stay competitive
- Innovate in your marketing communications

Our services

We bring a decade of experience implementing and analyzing digital campaigns, positioning us to bring you a new and objective vision of your practices. You get a summary of your competitors’’ top trends. Our benchmarking services are delivered in five stages:
- Determine your objectives
- Analyze your current PRM/CRM campaigns
- Gather information about your competitors
- Analyze the data
- Develop an improvement plan to boost your campaign performance


- Identify your market’s best practices
- Keep up with the latest trends on your market

2017 results

Benchmarking study for a major resort and serviced apartment complex brand
Email marketing best practices benchmark for the automotive market
Email marketing best practices benchmark for the apparel market