C.O.N.FORM®+: Appending

C.O.N.FORM®+ Appending ensures compliant, optimized, standardized forms to help build your database

Your needs

- Know and understand your prospective customers better through more complete data
- Collect data for your customer and prospect databases and ensure that it is valid

Our solution: C.O.N.FORM®+

C.O.N.FORM® + was developed by Predictys in partnership with Conexance. It checks the validity of all online form fields completed on the fly. It also ensures that information about your prospects is more complete right when it is collected.

C.O.N.FORM® + matches the information visitors to your website entered with the combined Predictys-Conexance database to generate a score.

The solution is available as a dedicated form, web service, or custom solution. It checks and ensures more complete data from all collection points (search, display, email, product comparison features, etc.).


- Avoid suspect profiles or profiles outside your target
- Protect your online reputation
- Pay for and use only valid profiles

2017 results

83 million enriched profiles