Database profiling

More accurate knowledge of your customers

Your needs

- Access more accurate information about your customers
- Identify high-potential segments and, on the contrary, segments to remove from your active database or to move to “do not contact” lists
- Communicate more effectively with your customers

Our services

Our database profiling service is a mini-profile of your customer database based on information from our megabase of catalogue sales companies, NGOs, media, and retailers.
We use sociodemographic and transactional data to profile your database:

Demographic data

• Number of individuals and households
• Number of recently-active households
• Breakdown by age bracket, gender, and geographical location
• A comparative index with the national average by geographical area, education and income, and Conex Types

Transactional data

• Average shopping cart
• Breakdown by sales channel
• Consolidation with data on how recently and frequently purchases have been made from other brands

Database profiling gives you more detailed knowledge of your customers. It can give you insights like:
- How your database has changed over the past four years
- Whether the proportion of online customers has increased
- Changes in average shopping cart and purchasing frequency over the past four years
- Whether your customers are over-represented in certain regions of France
- How urban your customers are
- What income and education levels are most represented
- Whether your customers’ behavior is more “online” or “brick and mortar”
- Whether your inactive customers are still making purchases elsewhere
- ...
Our extremely comprehensive database can give you a very accurate description of your customer profile.


- A comprehensive and accurate picture of your database
- The added value of our demographic and transactional data