Predictys prioritises the rigorous application and monitoring of the following ethical codes:

For internet users

Data protection and the right to rectify:
Their data will only be used to send them pertinent, expected and personalised information.

To advertisers and web-site publishers

We apply the SNCD (National Direct Communications Union) code of ethics:

Respect for laws, codes and standard practice:

Operate both in compliance with the current applicable legislation and with respect for the codes and professional practices applicable to Predictys.

Professional confidentiality:

Guarantee the confidential nature of the information to which Predictys has access within the framework of its activity and take all necessary measures to respect this commitment.


Take the necessary measures to protect all data, documents and physical supports deposited with them.

Professional insurance:

Take out an appropriate professional civil liability insurance policy for Predictys activity.

Best advice obligation:

Ensure that their customers benefit from their expertise and experience by recommending the most suited products and services to meet their requirements.

Resource commitment:

Implement all of the human and technical resources necessary for the completion of their professional engagements with full respect for professional standards. Propose all reasonable measures to ensure the successful completion of the works in the event of an incident or failure affecting these production resources.

Respect for applicable employment law:

Guarantee, on their own behalf as well as on the behalf of any sub-contractors, that all contracted works will be completed by legally employed members of staff in compliance with articles L 143.3, L 143.5 and L 620.3 of the (French) Employment Code.