GDPR reactivation and audit

Reactivate your addresses before it is too late
Inform your customers and prospects of how their data is being used

Your needs

- Identify dormant postal and email addresses that can be reactivated and remove those that cannot
- Inform your customers and prospects of how their data is being used
- Ensure that your opt-in processes are compliant with the EU data protection regulation (GDPR)

Our services

Reactivate dormant profiles:
- Audit of your database
- Assessment of profiles that can be reactivated (postal mail or email) by comparing them with our databases
- Agreement on the number and rental of postal and email addresses
- Creation of an email marketing kit with landing page
- Email routing and reminders

Audit your website and inform your customers:
- Form and landing page audits
- Terms of sale and website terms of use audits
- Creation of kits and landing pages to inform your customers of new terms of sale/use
- Audit and implementation of processes compliant with the new regulations on personal data (requests from individuals or regulatory authorities to remove, add, or modify data)


- Ensure that your marketing and communications campaigns comply with regulations
- Reactivate dormant customers and prospects before you are prohibited from doing so under the GDPR
- Ensure that you are not removing high-potential customers or prospects from your database
- Avoid paying for database rentals when you have the resources you need in your own database
- Generate additional sales

Results 2017

Opt-in obtained for 5 million email addresses
145,000 email addresses reactivated