Modeling as a Service (MaaS)

Give your loyalty programs a boost and generate additional growth

Your needs

- Reach out to your customers on a regular basis
- More effectively target the profiles eligible for a campaign

Our services

Modeling as a Service (MaaS) is a new platform we developed to help our customers select the profiles to model for the following types of campaigns:
- Loyalty
- Reactivation
- Prospecting
Profiles can be selected right from any PC. MaaS harnesses the power of machine learning to simultaneously calculate several scores to select the best profiles for your marketing campaigns.


- Model millions of profiles quickly and effectively
- Enhance your models with data from the leading consumer index
- Give your people - data mining, sales, marketing - an easy-to-use tool to generate forecasts for different targets

2017 results

  Save time with modeling that takes just a few hours rather than days!