Activation and Reactivation

Customer database activation and reactivation

Your needs

- Identify potentially-active dormant postal and email addresses
- Reactivate inactive postal and email addresses

Our services

Our activation and reactivation solution was developed for BtoC profiles in France and the United Kingdom. It includes two services:
- Activation: Ensure the opt-in of all of your profiles with postal and email addresses by comparing them with our database and requesting contacts’ opt-in
- Reactivation: For postal and email addresses that match addresses in our database, the most recent activity and/or purchase date is verified


- Clean up your database by improving the quality of your postal and email addresses
- Increase the chances that your communications reach your contacts, either electronically or by postal mail
- Limit the number of returned mailings and control costs
- Generate additional sales by reactivating dormant customers

Results 2017

Opt-in obtained for 5 million email addresses
145,000 email addresses reactivated