Trigger Marketing

Boost your contacts’ loyalty with more relevant communications via the right channel at the right time

Your needs

- Increase the performance of your loyalty plan
- Make your communications even more relevant
- Increase your shoppers’ average shopping cart
- Cultivate targeted relationships with your customers

Our services

Create “trigger” scenarios for each contact engaged with your brand.

Conex 1by1 is a marketing automation software application combined with a product recommendation engine to:
- Maintain customer engagement
- Generate additional revenue through cross-selling and upselling
- Design the customer experience
- Automate customer relationships


- Centralize all of your online and offline data
- Get individual online tracking
- Run 100% omnichannel campaigns based on advanced targeting
- Real-time 1-to-1 personalization of the online experience
- Automated campaigns across all channels

2017 results

15 customers have placed their trust in Conex 1by1
30 ready-to-use best practices scenarios