Webdesign / DCO

Optimize your online media and bring it to life!

Your needs

- Outsource graphic design and integration of your digital campaigns
- Optimize your email kits and landing pages to improve the user experience and your conversion rates
- Get more interest in your audience on the promise delivered in your messages

Our services

Our creative services include email, banner, and landing page design. Our designs ensure optimal deliverability and maximize online recruitment.
- Audit your current assets, benchmark with the competition, and recommendations
- Creation of adaptive, responsive visuals in text, image, and video formats
- Code optimization for display speed, deliverability, A/B testing, and testing on all mail clients and web browsers

We also offer two innovative services:
- DCO (Dynamic Creative Optimization) to optimize all creative parameters from messaging and tone of voice to formatting
- Kinetic email for animated content like color changes or the integration of a drop-down menu directly in the message


- Drive more traffic to your website and boost sales
- Bring your visitors more innovative communications than your competitors
- Quickly and easily tailor your communications to a range of criteria (weather, location, time, sports & political events, etc.)

2017 results

6,500 campaigns analyzed and improved
300 optimized and integrated kits
100 created kits
20 landing pages designed and implemented
Sales increase up to 15%